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liesbeth I have tried to download Blue Voda, but the download is being blocked. I remember, I had the same problem years ago. I forgot what a specific thing I have to do to get it working. I have HP computer.
It is a wonderful easy accessible program once it works.

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Guest This program great... when you are running low on disk space and really know where ant what taking up your drive space it without doubt the best..
And its free you can

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Guest my office word is not working.

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Tresy i use this software and want to place my opinion.

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Gracy I’ve always been in awe of software engineers and the skill that goes into the websites I’ve seen on the internet, especially the e-commerce ones and creation of an e-commerce website has always been something I’d like to do myself. I tried it once with a HTML editor and a really good book but gave up pretty quick because some of the terminology was pretty difficult (wasn’t sure whether it was written in Greek or Japanese … which was a problem …) and I never really had the time to really commit myself to it.
I’d all but given up when one of my friends introduced me to BlueVoda which was a website builder which I downloaded hesitantly along with some tutorial videos. I had about half an hour to give it... Eureka!; It was so simple and easy to understand. The tutorials are well crafted and cover all the details of how to make a website with BlueVoda. The best thing is that they’re simple to follow and written for the layperson. Following them I opened BlueVoda and began to build my own website and it turned out to all be pretty simple. It was all about dragging and dropping and there was a plethora of pretty cool templates to choose from and the amount of permutations there must be to use them all must be almost infinite. The only real thing that had me thinking was what text and images I should use in the website and again that was a pretty simple drag and drop process. I added many of the features available which I heard of in the tutorials: High Quality Images, a Calendar, Google search and a personal blog. WOW!!!! it was all pretty unbelievable that I had built a high quality website which had a professional look and was pleased I could impress my friends with my creation. Really, it was like a dream come true.
As far as I could tell it has saved me quite a bit of money; I have friends that have paid some pretty serious money for their website designs and BlueVoda was free with the exception of the cost of web hosting, which is a prerequisite. There’s a pretty cool feature for doing this and pretty soon I had my site posted on the internet. BlueVoda is really a comprehensive package for anybody who wants to create a website for themselves or anybody else for that matter. Think it took me about 3 days of on-and-off work to get from blank workspace to posted website which isn’t bad. If I do it again I reckon I’ll get it done in half the time (maybe eventually even get it down to the advertised 30 minutes).
I’ll definitely be using it again though to build up my professional and personal network. I’ve recommended it to my friends and family and I highly recommend to you as well.

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kochii02 I’m a web designer by trade and know how code works to build a website. I remember back in the early days doing all the raw coding; really time consuming task if you’re gonna make all the websites look different and interesting which can affect your income if you’re being paid per job and you want to be competitive. More recently, of course there have been various different software advances which do all the code writing for you. BlueVoda is one of my favorites.

I love how it can take just about 30 minutes to finish building a website, start to finish and how it sets itself apart from other website builder software, keeping nearly 100% of the HTML writing away from the user and how flexible it is to suit the needs of the user (customizable menus and the like). BlueVoda’s really simple to use (although it can look daunting at the beginning with that empty white workspace in front of you but I guarantee you much less daunting than an empty text document) and I’m equally amazed at how many software features you can into your design to give the website you’re building real functionality. They’re easy to publish too because BlueVoda has an integrated FTP client (how you host the websites you make). I reckon I can do at least two complete websites in a day with the BlueVoda website builder.

It’s well supported too, loads of video tutorials and the like. There’s a pretty cool forum too.

I reckon it’d be hard to work now without the BlueVoda website builder. It has saved me a great deal of time and money.

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kochii02 this software is really awesome and let me build my first website without the help of the professionals. it also save a huge amount of my money.

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Keri I've been a Vodahost customer for about 2 years now, but only recently got some perspective on how Bluevoda compares to other web design programs. Since January '08 I've been in an online course where people need to set up web sites and/or blogs.

Several of my classmates are having trouble setting up WordPress blogs, at least one of them thru that well-known hosting firm called Go D... you know the one. You'd think they would make creating a WP blog at least as easy as Bluevoda does. No, they don't! But it is SO simple with the Bluevoda builder. So don't waste your time, just go-a with Bluevoda( and Vodahost)!

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Guest i am testing it i am new so far i like what i am getting but i would love to see page before i put online
like netscape just thats the only thing i see so far rember i am just learnig so if you can tell me oh to see
thank you

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